spring is in the air…

…well, maybe not really.  Right now it is 30 and flurry-ing.  (sidenote- I have only been in Rochester since December and already 30 is sounding kinda warm.)  I am getting anxious for the warmer weather.  The melting snow, though a hopeful indication that maybe, just maybe the worst is over, leaves a wake of sloppy grey mush.

If I get my hopes up for spring in February, I can say with certainty, I will be disappointed.  But, just like a woman who is in her last months of pregnancy, despite all advice to the contrary, I can dream that maybe, just maybe it will come early.

I thought I would post these lovelies that I picked up at an antique store recently to get me through…

How great would they work for an invitation to a garden party, bridal shower, afternoon tea?  Looking forward to turning them into something special!

2 thoughts on “spring is in the air…

    • I LOVE this planter. I have yet to plant anything in it with all the apartments and all the moving, maybe this year. It is currently housing all my pens, markers, colored pencils, scissors etc…, i am not sure if I am going move it–ever.

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