dolly dingle

NOTE — (9.13.11) Dolly Dingle cards are now available in my shop.  Read more about them here.

tonight, i unearthed a gem from my childhood.  for most of us, there comes a time, when mom pulls out everything she has been holding on to over the years to pass along…

to you…

to hold on to…

to show your kids when they are 25 or 30.

there wasn’t too much for us, as my mom relocated years ago to nashville, tn and has encounter a couple floods.  needless to say, i didn’t have my hopes up… but i was more than pleasantly surprised by some goodies.  look for some pictures coming soon.

but until then, i couldn’t go without posting about little ole’ dolly dingle.

here are some stock photos, i will take some of my own soon, of dolly and my other goodies!!

stay tuned

OHHH and i almost forgot you can download pages for $1.50 here.  HOW FANTASTIC!


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