on handcrafting…. {and some photos of a new invitation}

I just finished up with these bridal shower invitations.

This project was such a great reminder that I LOVE DOING CUSTOM WORK.

The process usually goes like this:

  1. Talk to client
  2. Feel comfortable enough that I understand what client is looking for.
  3. To the bat cave, aka, my craft desk, and start rummaging though all my supplies to pull together a few…or 10 drafts of ideas.
  4. and wait……….and wait…………..and wait……………
  5. Finally hear back from client (this is usually only a matter of a few days at most, but the speed of technology and my excitement to get to work creating makes it feel like EEEETTTTTTERNITY
  6. Client sees something that makes them excited and want to see more.
  7. I take that something and and get to creating
  8. SKREEEECH!  Things feel like they come to a grinding halt.  Except in my melon.  This is where the obsession begins.  I eat, sleep and breath that little invitation until the moment of clarity comes.  It is in this little step #8 where I occasionally decide to throw all my craft supplies out of my 2nd floor window and run for the border.  Sometimes, just sometimes it can start to feel like it’s just not going to come together, or I was more excited about and alternate idea that the client poo-pooed and I am not super inspired over this one, or I really don’t  like this color combination, or WHAT IF I JUST CAN”T FIND SOMETHING THAT I AM HAPPY WITH!!!!!!!!
  9. And then — cue angels on clouds playing music on harps — It comes!  This particular one had it’s little moment as my husband and I got ready for bed, I just couldn’t get those little branches how I liked them.  We sat in bed (TMI?? maybe you don’t want the picture of me and the hubby all snuggled in bed with a bridal shower invitation??)  and moved them from corner to corner, rotating them each one of the 360 degrees that physical space allows and BAM!!  There it was!
  10. Then the next day I got to work, and I was so pleased with the outcome.  And that is where I remember that I love doing custom work.  Taking a clients vision and seeing it though to the end, and being so pleased with the little piece of paper beauty.  That is what it is all about for me.  That is why I am trying this crazy little adventure as small business owner, risking failure and/or carpel tunnel.  Because I really love that feeling.
  11. Then off they go.  Into the hands of all the recipients, whom, I hope feel a certain twinge of special when they hold a something in their hand that was made by someone else’s hands, in a special unique one-of-a-kind way that you can’t find a walmart;  a little bit of my heart, in the form of a handcrafted paper goodie!

3 thoughts on “on handcrafting…. {and some photos of a new invitation}

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