On Thursdays, I ship the little sweetie over to my {o.so.generous} sister for fun with Auntie and the boys.  And while Saida’s away…

…things like this happen.

In preparation for Mayday Underground! I have been focusing on new designs, so that when it gets down to the wire and I am up until dawn, trying to get ready (cause I am pretty sure this will happen, no matter how prepared ahead I am) I can not use my brain, and just replicate the designs over and over.  This is also helpful in that I can con others into helping me “glue this here”, and “cut this please.”  ANYWAYS… I spent today stamping with some new stamps that I had yet to try out.  I am not such a huge fan of stamping…well the process…especially in the creative phase, I am messy, messy, sloppy, throwing stuff all over the place kind of person in my creative spurts.  (Ask my husband about cleaning up the kitchen after I try a new recipe.)  This method of creating leads to BIG messes and always makes me worry that I am ruining my stamps by letting ink sit on too long, it usually leads to smudges of ink all over me, the cards and my desk.  There is stuff EVERYWHERE.  Hopefully these details are not making you loose faith in your trusted paper woman’s ability to put out some pretty little paper goodies, cause, in the end, I always love the outcome.  When I am rich and can afford all the right supplies and have studio space to spread everything out…stamping may work out better for me (so buy lots of cards from me to help – hehehe).

Until then, take a looksie:


it's a great day - version 1

The background is stamped in distressed brown ink using delightful doilies from papertreyink.  The trike and sentiment are stamped in red and teal using  It’s a good day, itty bitty by unity stamp.

it's a good day - version 2

Same as version 1 with a little different layout and a bold black background rather than the distressed brown


colorful doilies

The yellow corner will be fixed of course, but you get the basic idea.  I will probably play with color and layouts.  Again, this is stamped using delightful doilies from papertreyink.  I am loving this new set.  There are so many options and combos.


from me to you

Build a Border from Schlossser Designs.  Her stuff is great, very versatile.  Her sets come with simple elements that can be combined in so many ways.  I have used the hexagon stamps in some other projects.



And what a beauty!  I love love love this marigold from papertrey’s year of flowers collection.  The sentiment comes with the rose set.  Keep your eyes peeled for wedding invitation using this gorgeous bloom!

and lastly…

the carnage.

better go clean up!



One thought on “a-stamping

  1. I really like the doilie stamps Jess! … and the marigolds too. That is probably the only marigold that I can say that I like as I can’t stand the real things!

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