our craiglist dining room

Big birthday party this weekend!  I was hoping we could finish our new dining table before Saturday, and as of yesterday, it is up and ready for entertaining!

So this was the look I wanted:

But I didn’t want to spend this:


We found an old drafting table for sale at my favorite furniture store, Craigslist.  I was a little nervous, but we took the risk, that we would be able to make this work, largely due to the Husband…he gets all the credit for this one!  We later found out, that it was built here in Rochester in 1920’s, which is pretty cool, cause our house was built in 1910, and when we moved in I said that I would love to try and decorate with found pieces from the era of the house.

The table stood too high as it used to be used for drafting, and we decided that bar stools might not work so well with littles, so the hubby worked his magic and made it dining table height without ruining any of the original integrity of the table.  Don’t ask me, he is superman.

While he did that, I returned to Craigslist for these

and together we have this:

(sidenote –  I am afraid something is wrong with my camera…all my pictures are coming out blurry….bear with me!)

(ooo – I should do one of those side by sides on picnik, but i have already overstayed my welcome on the computer…maybe later :))


We still need to figure out what we are going to do with the top, refinish? varnish?  But I am in love!!  I think we came pretty darn close for what we paid….wait for it…a grand total of….$300.00

That’s right friends. $200.00 for the table and $100.00 for the chairs.

I love a bargain, I think this table is that much prettier, because of what it cost us!

Sometimes…I stare at it.


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