run on sentences and bullet points.

Well, I have been away from the blog for a bit, and here are some reasons why:

  • The big one-year birthday party.  I did everything I said I wasn’t going to do including inviting over 60 people, making an orange tutu (thanks to this tutorial I found at the last minute {loving this blog btw}), had 7 house-guests, insisted that the house be spotless, and on and on.  so last week, minimal Seven Layer Designs work was done
  • 3 custom orders!!  yipee!  Marking my first orders not for friends and family! – – but as a result of happy guests who received an invitation I created.  This is fabulous!  I was hoping that my biz would spread word of mouth and this is an indication that it can happen that way.  Which is great news in light of my next bullet point…
  • My love/hate relationship with online gook….(gook = my website, making my blog look cool, general online marketing).  Sometimes it can be so fun, but most of the time, I end up feeling SOOO inept and wishing I could just pay a web designer to do it all!  I spent the free time I had in the last week and a half working on updating my website cause I was too… well, too whatever to be creative, so I sat at the computer for hours into the evening trying to make my website look a little more respectable and a little less like a yahoo template (that does not allow me to do anything unique), and then last night, after talking it all out with my husband, I decided that the better option is to scrap the site all together and make my blog cooler, and more like a website!  Good news is exciting online changes on the horizon.  Bad news, I have no more time now to work on it and all the time I did spend, is wasted — at least it feels that way.
  • Due to previous bullet, I am very tired…all too often my nights have been going something like this:  Sit down to try and do preparation for Spring craft shows, but finding myself so distracted, I sit and play around on the computer, way past my bed time, finally pealing myself away and slipping into bed at 1130/12am…then I am so wired that I can’t fall asleep (I keep telling myself not to be on the computer so late so there is more time to wind down, but I don’t listen well) so it usually is around 2am where I am actually starting to feel like sleep is coming (I know, it’s insane) and then this usually is a cue for baby to start fussing.  Was your child born with this amazing extra-sensory perception?  Our was, it’s the awesome sense that tells her to start fussing at the most, I’m sorry, THE.VERY.most. inopportune time!  So it’s generally up and down for an hour until we remember in our sleepy haze that she needs some Tylenol for her teeth, and then she’s asleep again.  Now I am exhausted enough to fall asleep, but wait folks…5am, time for our morning feeding, so it’s back up for some snuggle time with that little sweetpea.  thankfully, this is only the very worst of nights – – it is not always like this, and she seems to be going back to sleeping straight til 5…hallelujah!
  • In an attempt to keep myself off the computer while I am designing, the computer has moved out of my design space.  Good for design…bad for uploading picts and blogging.
  • Today, I finally got some good design time in!!  But I have to say the music is tricky with out my computer, all I have near my space is an alarm clock radio.  I was stuck on the country station after every other station ended up grossing me out with teenagers singing about sex (does that mean I am getting old), and while listening to the country station, I became so depressed that I sometimes started tearing up and that made it hard to see what I was doing…so I might have to figure something else out!

So there you have it, and now I am quickly getting this blog done before I go pick up the little little, cause I miss you guys – so forgive the grammer and lack of pictures,  it is all happening in one big breath.

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