mini gift tins

OK – so, tell me who doesn’t sift through all their mail looking for handwritten, personal notes?  I love letter writing, I love getting mail and I always want to find ways to spread that love around.  One of the best ways to send regular notes to friends is to keep a set of note cards handy.  This is why I love making gift sets.  What better way to encourage letter writing and general day-brightening than to create a coordinating set of cards, in a sweet ready-to-go tin?

Keep this near your desk with stamps and a pen and you are that much closer to making someone happy. Plus, you will be happy too, gazing at cute, handmade paper goodies whilst paying bills or doing whatever you do at your desk.Fresh off the work bench…8 new (well, only 7 new, I used an older one too) designs packaged in coordinating tin!  I was inspired by making Mother’s Day gifts, so these notes are adorned with flowers, flowers and more flowers.  I also put together a set of geometric designs for the non-flower fans, so cute and I will post then soon–TEASE!

Here are the flowery-flowersons

Each tin will have 4 designs, 2 cards of each design.  They will be available at MAYDAY! and some of the cards will be up on etsy (…if I ever get my stuff listed.  I will soon… I will, I will.)

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