seven layer designs new sign!

I have been a little blog silent this week, I know you are all… {well, really, you few} are waiting with bated breath for my posts…. I do know this.  Well, my silence is due to the upcoming Mayday Underground Indie Craft Fair.  This is my first big show, on my own, {as in, not just putting a few things out on a friends table}.  I am so excited, but it has been busy around here.  Making things by hand: cool and pretty but also time consuming.  So I wanted to get on and show my sign!  I am not finished yet, I am having a hard time deciding on how to lay out the letters.  Click below to see the options….

Here it is with a left justify, and crooky letters on just I have since narrowed that gigantic "I" in "designs"

and here it is centered...

What do you think??? Left justified or centered?  or something totally different?   I would love some feedback….

Here are some more photos!  I am really pleased with how it came out.  You just never know whats going to happen between the idea and the finished product.

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