MAY is for GIVE-A-WAY!!

I am declaring May Give-a-way month!

There are 3 reasons for this….It is my birthday month, The sun is finally shining in Rochester and why not??!!??

Give-a-ways are fun!  So join in!   Earlier this week, I did a random drawing from the fans on facebook.  And also, if you either leave a comment here, or on Facebook telling us why sending snail mail is a good thing, you will have a chance to win a set of four little Krafty Kritter cards.  I love mail, sending it receiving it, I just think it really can make a persons day.  I am looking forward to hearing why you love mail!

Win a set of these cuties for telling us why mail is GREAT!

2 thoughts on “MAY is for GIVE-A-WAY!!

  1. Snail mail is great because it shows that the person who mailed something to you took the time to actually find a piece of paper and a pen to contact you, rather than just reaching for their phone or computer. Plus pretty cards can be put on display!

  2. When you sift through all the junk and find that envelope with a genuine address from someone you actually know and care about…it’s no longer a letter; it’s a gift.

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