Well, it is raining again in Rochester…and it should be for the next 5 days.  BLAHHHHH.  This is some cruel trick to send the coldest and rainest spring in years, just when we moved here, but oh well, we must deal with it.  Yesterday, an afternoon trip to the movies brought me out of my rain-induced depression (BTW – Bridesmaids…HILarious!)  And today, it is this crocheted cup cozy tutorial from Stephanie at All about Ami.  She has a bunch of nice tutorials and the most adorable little collection Amigurumi -little Japanese, crocheted stuffed animals.   ANYWAYS— about the cup cozies… Since today is an, “I-will-have-a-cup-of-coffee-or-tea-in-my-hand-all-day” kinda day, I found this post particularly inspiring and hope to try my hand at one of these!  They would make great gifts too…Maybe I can get a jump on my Christmas gifts with all this yucky weather?!?!

Hope you enjoy!!

And…Go make some tea, hot or iced depending on your climate!

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