An Etsy Treasury

A lovely treasury of items, inspired by my love for handmade, with a twist.  Lately I have been thinking a lot about the value of supporting small/local/personal/family businesses, even if it means paying more for quality items.  This is very possible, as I am realizing that the most of what I buy, is grossly unnecessary, so if I buy less stuff, I should be able to afford quality handmade items.

Also, I found a bunch of stuff on Etsy that is really very affordable, and here is some of it:

affordable esty finds

1:: Antique Style Steampunk Pocket Watch Necklace by robinhoodcouture.  2:: Bee Greeting by Imeon 3::Dreaming with flowers by valentina designs 4::  Owl on branck by next door to heaven.

There is more where that came from, see the rest here.  And don’t forget to look around for gifts and goodies you might normally pick up at the big boxes, it feels nice to support real people!

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