cornflower blue part 2

I recently posted some blue and yellow bridal shower invitations that I had the privileged of creating.  Those little darlings have sparked a chain reaction for Seven Layer Designs.  3 more bridal showers and 2 rehearsal dinner invitation orders.  The crazy part, it’s all for 2 weddings.  That’s 2 showers and 1 rehearsal dinner invitation order for each wedding.  Yippee!  Word of mouth business is my favorite kind!  So blessed to be keeping busy with these jobs.  And, it has been a fun challenge..trying to come up with enough variety but still using the same themes and colors.  Here are some photos of the second blue and yellow shower invitations.  I used the same cornflower blue from the first, but eliminated the darker blue, and used a softer yellow, for an all over softer, less formal feel.  We still incorporated the die cut flower as requested, but this time as a patterned band rather than individual blooms.

blue yellow bridal shower invitation summer wedding

blue yellow shower invitation summer wedding floral wildflower

I decided to try another color combo for my portfolio.

The photos are not edited… but you get the idea, only so many hours in the day

purple turquoise wedding summer wildflower

Check back later this summer for the next set of invitations in shades of pink and cream and steel blue!  sooo pretty!

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