DIY from {Oh Happy Day}

I just joined Pinterest and I am already in love.

It’s a great way to collect and organize all the beautiful things one finds out in the magical world of web.  Browsing around at what others have collected, I am over the moon with the beautiful photography, design, home inspiration and the cutest little craft ideas.  Such great collections of inspiration.

Right away I found this wonderful DIY idea from Oh Happy Day.  (originally pinned by

It’s a postcard birthday poster…and it is the perfect idea to make a special friend feel special.  You basically download the pdf, send blank postcards off to 25 friends of the birthday girl or boy, then, they write a note and send the postcard to the person of honor, who collects them, reads the loving words, feels special, and puts the pieces together to form a poster.  Ok, so this might be the best gift ever, mail from 25 people, and the anticipation of putting it all together, and then a cute poster to hang that will always remind you of how great you felt getting all those sweet notes.

This is a super gift idea.

 Check it out here.

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