Time to do the Can-Can

Last August, I was learning to can.  This year, I am just dreaming about it… remembering, wondering if I will dare to try it all by myself.  Do I have the time?  The energy?  Maybe I should just pay a visit to my teacher.  HMMM…what about the now toddling and O.SO.curious child peeking around a kitchen full of boiling and bubbling, knifes and hot glass jars?  Last year we had the privileged of sitting her up against pillows to watch …how fast things change.

As the summer draws to an end, I can’t help but think of canning.  Though it pales in comparison to actually doing it, my memories led me to create a treasury of canning inspired items on etsy.

little sapling

mud and twig

Wednesday Aprons

Wonderful Life Farm

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<SEE MORE HERE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Last August, I was also starting this little adventure called Seven Layer Designs.  When I am not dreaming about canning, I am thinking about everything that has happened over the past year.  Check back soon some reflections, lessons and highlights of the past year and perhaps some thoughts and direction for the coming year.

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