#2 – On having it NOW – Lessons in Patience.

Patience.  This is a big, fat, ugly word for me.  I feel like a huge hypocrite trying to teach my daughter that it is inappropriate to bite, kick, scream, fall-on-the-floor-in-a-fit-of-rage when her wishes are not fulfilled as fast as she can wish them.  I would do this if I could.

funky monkey thready on etsy.com

Here is my current list of wishes (**just for the business, this does not include projects, etc., in the rest of my world):

  1. a cute, frequently followed blog and website and online identity
  2. time to devote to putting my etsy shop in the ranks of findable shops
  3. all the design ideas in my head to be actual things you can hold in your hands (about 10 invitations, 2-3 art on canvas ideas, and countless other craft projects)
  4. a fuller, broader wedding invitation portfolio to attract clients
  5. better pictures of my products
  6. new display items for shows
  7. being involved with my local etsy street team
  8. …..

OK, I am going to stop here, this list is not helping me deal with my lack-o-patience issues.

Sometimes I just get so impatient with not having it all happen right now.  There are so many ideas in my head, there is so much that I want to do with Seven Layer Designs, and so many successful online crafters, business women, and bloggers to measure myself against.  Blame it on my temperament, or the microwave, but I have little to no interest in waiting.  I rarely have the time to follow through on an inspired idea, and this can get extremely frustrating.  On planet internet, with blogs and pins and posts of people accomplishing things, it can be down right debilitating.  (note – I guess if I spent less time looking at what other people were doing and more time doing, I might not have the problem. but it is much easier to pop over to design*sponge while I am making lunch than to decoupage.)

I have very little to share about how I am dealing with this at the close of year one, but here are some things that I o.so.ineptly try to tell myself as I muddle through.

  1. Throwback to the last lesson, I need sleep.  NEED it.  Anything I can accomplish by staying up late…NOT WORTH IT.
  2. It is, what it is.   I don’t need to rocket into a successful enterprise in 1-2 years, or really ever.  I am doing this to have some fun, and give me something to do outside of being a mommy and a wife.  I would LOVE to be able to stay home and earn an income when our kids are off at school, but I have YEARS before I have to worry about that, and I certainly should not let it overshadow the fun in getting to work on my craft and spend time learning about small business.
  3. STOP COMPARING.  a personal struggle.
  4. Blogs, though seemingly harmless, can be dangerous for me (see #3).  As a result, I tend to choose carefully which ones I frequent.
  5. It is important to focus on improvements that I am making ~  …My etsy photos, not great, but getting better.  We have not invested a ton of money and we have not lost, but gained at the end of year one…

As I read back through this post, I notice that I am seriously complaining about my lack of time.  We all lack time, and you are using what little you have to read about me complaining???  I apologize — it is just where I am with everything right now.  I am sharing with you, as consisely as possible, what I have been struggling through as I have embarked upon becoming a craftepreneur.  This is me, trying to give myself grace in it all, because I am still trying to understand where all the time goes, why I can’t just wiggle my nose and have a blog that looks like a professional web designer put it together, and that it is ok to just need to do nothing after a day of being bitten, screamed at, drooled on, pulled at, and climbed on …even if my greatest “accomplishments” were making the bed and some chocolate chip cookies.

andwabisabi on etsy.com

8 thoughts on “#2 – On having it NOW – Lessons in Patience.

  1. I agree with your MIL – you’re awesome. And I plan to share a link to your wedding invitations with every couple I know that gets engaged. 🙂

  2. Hi Jess! I have the same trouble with being patient. It’s hard when you have so much you want to accomplish and so much else that’s begging for your attention (namely, a little one). Hang in there! You’re doing things most people aren’t, and it’s amazing.

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