Paper Dolls Anyone?

When I was a little girl, I liked paper dolls.  I wrote about rediscovering my Dolly Dingle paper doll book here.

My mother would not allow us to cut it up, reasoning that we could enjoy little dolly over and over again. I was less than pleased with this idea, but, I will now admit, that I am glad we still have this book in our family.

Since being reunited with my paper dolls, I have been thinking about making a card complete with useable paper dolls.  Already cut and ready to be played with over and over so recipients will not have to deal with the question of ‘to cut or not to cut’ plus, I will get to do a lot of paper doll cutting, which will be extremely gratifying, after my childhood denial.

Each card is designed so that Dolly peaks though and open oval with a pretty patterned background, giving the effect of a cameo.  Once you open the card you find Dolly with dresses, costumes and accessories, ready for adventures!

These little ladies were a HUGE hit at Wedgestock 2011 and now are available on etsy.  Each doll travels to a different corner of the world.  Read the stories there and stay tuned for more to come.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I did making them!

paper doll dolly dingle greeting cards vintage

Dolly next to her dress and doll

paper doll dolly dingle greeting card vintage blue green

Dolly travels to Italy

paper doll dolly dingle greeting card blue vintage

Dolly's little Spanish playmate

paper dolls dolly dingle vintage blue green gold greeting card

Dolly visits Prince Dalim Kumar in India

paper doll dolly dingle vintage greeting card

Dolly in her afternoon dress (Egypt)

Dolly dingle paper doll book

Scenes from the book

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