#3 – On letting it be what it is – Lessons in perfectionism

So if you have been following, this is the 3rd (and last) post in a series of reflections over the past year of Seven Layer Designs.  You can see the other 2 posts on patience and and balance.

I am afraid that my patience post may have been a bit harsh…  on myself.  I didn’t mean to come across so negative, I just like to be honest and straight forward, sometimes that can make thing seem more down and negative than they really are, especially over a blog.  Things are really going well, I and could have highlighted that a bit more, but my impatience flairs up more from things that feel like they are falling way short.

At any rate, it made me realize, that I haven’t really taken time to reflect on what amazing things have happened over the last year.

In August, after making invitations for a friend, I decided to go for it and after some coaxing from loved ones, got a website up and running.  In October, I got a DBA and became and actual registered business and opened a biz checking account.  This may not seem very exciting, but it is.  It is like it became something. Recognized and Real.  Then it was my 1st acceptance into a craft show.  Very super.  And from there, and etsy sale… to a woman in Australia – I am international!  Let us not forget 6 summer invitation jobs, all word-of-mouth business from satisfied customers.  I will pause here and say, I really love this kind of business.  Sure, I will work on getting my etsy shop more solid so that I can bring in some more customers, but how great is it when someone receives an invitation to an event and likes it so much, that they want you to make some invitations for an event that they are planning?  Let me tell you, it’s pretty great.  I have done 4 craft shows this year and have had people that I don’t know “like” my FB page (another thrilling moment).  These mark some of the awesome moments over the past year.  It has been such a boost to see people appreciating your work.  Oh, I almost forgot, the peeps I have met up here in Roch-cha-cha, have been AHHH-MAZ-ING.  No joke.  Super supportive and helpful.  From what I can see so far, this city is home to a great community of creative people, who are really nice and interested in seeing each other succeed.  This is so inspiring to be around.  For reals.

So onto perfectionism.

and letting things be what they are.

I can be a bit of a perfectionist.  I want everything to be perfect, and my expectations can be a bit high.  As is the case with most humans, I often have to settle for less than perfection, but I always have the feeling like I am settling.  So the third topic I have struggled through this year is perfectionism and learning to let things be what they are… and be ok with it.

I have a new saying GEFN – good enough for now.  It is the only way to deal with my perfectionism.  If I really waited until everything was perfect, nothing would get done, so I tell myself, “it’s good enough for now,” and move on, giving myself permission to return later, and often, when I take a second look, it looks just fine.

Seven Layer Designs is what Seven Layer Designs is.  It is a hobby for me, a fun past time, a way to fund my crafting and paper addiction.  When I start to focus on “success” and money and customers, I tend to loose focus of why I started doing this in the first place and I start chasing after things that I don’t need to chase.  and it looses it’s fun.  So I will listen to the wise words of my husband and take more time to enjoy it.  More time to work at my craft, improve my work and my technique.  I will still work on improving my shop and blog and finding ways to market and attract new business, but priority #1 for me right now, is making things, challenging my creativity and ability, and enjoying it for the fun of it…that what it is.

One of the great things about working for yourself, is that your work is what you make it.  If you take the role of critic, this can lead you to feel like you are never good enough, never where you need to be and you might just be the worst boss ever.  But, if you can choose to be patient, balanced and accepting of yourself, then, it can just be what it is, and it can be fun and glorious, and push you to places you never thought you would go.  And this is the me that I want to work for.

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