Promoting Myself with Special Offers

I am no marketing specialist, so I am just going to come right out and say it, I need 2 things.

1. This survey to be completed by as many people as possible

2. To hit 100 fans in time for the holiday’s.

Shameless, I know.

I am offering some goodies in return for your help.  Each of the following tasks earns you 10% off

  • Fill out the survey
  • Become a fan on Facebook for the first time
  • Post a message on you Facebook page, telling your friends why they should “like” SLD.  (Be sure to use the @SevenLayerDesigns function so I see that you posted it.)
  • Recruit a friend to join (earn 10% off for up to 3 friends.)

Here’s the special part…. you can combine all the discounts for a total of up to 50% off a single item.  Also, you can save your discount until the end of the year, so you can use it for gifts, holiday cards, or a special post holiday splurge.

Confused?  Me too.

  • survey = 10% off
  • new fan on facebook = 10% off
  • fb post = 10% off
  • a friend joins b/c of you = 10% off
  • a friend joins b/c of you = 10% off
  • a friend joins b/c of you = 10% off

Discount not to exceed 50%  – can be used on any item in the esty shop.  Expires Dec 31 2011.

Deadline to earn discounts is October 15th.

Send me an email by Oct 15  with a list of the discounts you earned, please include names of the friends you refered.  I will quickly verify and send you a discount code for you to use at your leisure.

So, what are you still here for, better get to work!

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