buttons and footprints

I just treated myself to some new earrings.

I am always saying I want to buy more handmade, and since I make impulse purchases for stuff like this in big boxes…I figured, why not do in on etsy.  It’s been a long week and it was fun to buy something, just because, and… maybe, following impulses like this will help me to do it less in the big boxes.

Speaking of handmade and big boxes… have you heard of Slavery Footprint?  This site came across my computer recently (…Etsy’s blog i think??), and it intrigued me.  So I took the survey.  It is eye opening.  A little depressing, but it reminded me that I want to try and do as much handmade shopping and gift giving this year as I can.  (NOTE- I am not suggesting that buying handmade will eliminate the problem of slavery.  I am just saying it helps in a small way, it is a starting point.)

Buying everything handmade can get pricey.  I know.  And hand-making everything your self requires a lot of time and skills.  Going handmade is a commitment.

But don’t worry, I am going to be highlighting some gift ideas that are moderately priced and some tutorials for things you can make.  So you are all set for this season!!  Be sure to check back for updates, and before you head to that big ol’retailer, just check to see what you can find on etsy, or at a local gift shop, you might be surprised what you find.

So back to those adorable button earrings.  Great gift idea (not for me though, cause I already got some).  So affordable, so much variety in styles and they allow you to wear fabric on your ears!  …sure they might be a bit trendy right now, but who cares, they’re cute.

Check ’em out

from youngbloods

from shagpile

from babblingbrookes

from elbee design

from buena helena (local here in rochester!!)

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