For the smaller than small business

Recently, I have started to realize that there is a difference between small business and my business.  Namely, I have no plans to make bundles (did you know, when you hear the term “small business”  it is usually referring to businesses that make in the range of $250-$500,000/year??).

Most of the books/classes/resources available are assuming that entrepreneurs and small business owners are looking for big/fast growth and bigger, faster profits.  These resources define a successful business in a certain way, and when that definition does not match your own, it can leave you feeling a bit confused.

Enter The Boss of You.

From what I can see so far, Lauren and Emira have hit the nail on the head.

Ok, so I am only on chapter one…  but I just wanted to take a second and remark on how great it is to read things like, “it is ok to not want to strike it rich.”  Finally a small business guide that tells me that I can have my own definition for success.  Hearing this is like breathing in fresh autumn air, eating an apple, drinking hot cider and jumping in a pile of leaves.  It feels good.  That, and I was reading the first few pages outside on the most perfect fall day.

I discovered what I mostly, already knew, but it is always a good thing when you can put words to the things you mostly, already know.

For me, success has more to do with my family and life than profits or hiring people.  While reading, I became even more aware of why I want to be the boss of me… so that I can be there when my kids get home from school, have real relationships with clients, learn business skills and meet other creative women.   I do SLD because I love having a reason to be creative, challenge myself, and get out there.  I love the work, the design, the clients, even the marketing.  It is so refreshing to be reminded that I can be in business for those reasons and nothing more.  If all I want to do, is earn a modest salary…that’s great,  cause that’s MY goal.  For the first time, I feel like it is ok to want my business to be small and stay small.  No where, save my husband, had I heard this message before.

Much of my discouragement in SLD and in life, is the result of defining myself through someone else’s vision and I am already, at 17 pages in, very thankful to Lauren and Emira for giving me “permission” to have my own vision, my own definition of what MY success will look like.

So I am going to be continuing through this book, and since Saida has joined our family, it takes me months to finish books, so be patient, but I expect that there will be some more updates.

Enjoy their blog  (it’s a wonderful resource for women who run businesses.) and this quote in the meantime.

One of the things that bothers us most about the way business is discussed out there in the worls is how little time or space is giveb to profiling smaller, sustainable and creative businesses.  While we’d really like to think that has nothing to do with how many of them are started by women, chances are that plays into it.  It is our hope that the collected wisdom of the women we spoke to and the stories we tell in this book will help you realize you aren’t alone on this awesome journey to becoming your own boss.  And, with any luck, this book will be one of the tools that help you on the way to becoming one of those examples that other women can learn from.

Right on.

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