I <3 hedgehogs

It has been busy city over here getting ready for my favorite show, Mayday Underground.  Just 2 short weeks away, and there is product to be made and displays to be designed and organized, but I am so excited…if all goes well, there will be some new paper craft items, like ornaments and garlands for the holidays, some special gift wrapping/gift set options and a new, shelf-style display.

All this work has kept me from my blog, and I do miss it.  I really like being able to keep up with regular posts.  Tonight, I find myself vertical…. must have pulled my back somehow this weekend, 30 lb child, pumpkin picking… who knows??  But the point is, when the clock struck 7:30, I could stand it no more, and found my bed, heating pad, and advil.  Bad news, it’s killing me not to chip away at my list, good news, I won’t let this opportunity pass with out stealing a little blog time.

So here is my new love,

How have I never stopped to take notice of these adorable and absolutely unique little creatures before?

These folks have…

Lucky Bee Press on etsy

Tree Wings Studio on Etsy

Sack Savers on Etsy

jojoebi on Etsy

Herisson Pendant found on this next

holli on Etsy

I could go on all night, but alas… I think I need to unplug and relax, The Hunger Games is calling me!

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