Hoop, There it is…

Currently, I have a small obsession with embroidery hoops.  I have a dedicated pinboard and plans to start adorning all my walls, maybe even the Christmas tree.  Confession – every time I crush on a new hoop design, a pretty layout, or a new unexpected use for a hoop, I think “hoop, there it is.”  I have been embarrassed to say this out loud, but I have my  11pm blogging goggles on… (I guess you could call them bloggles.)  My bloggles give me courage to say the things in my head that I don’t usually say out loud.  This is why I don’t often blog after 10pm.

To the point — Today I was running into some printing troubles… and there are few things that can throw me into a tizzy faster than having printing troubles.  So I had to step away and work on something else.  I grabbed my large stack of embroidery hoops and my even larger stack of fabric scraps and got to work.

I have been waiting for a chance to get some Christmas trees on them for the holiday season, So that is where I started…

christmas tree embroidery hoopI like how it came out.  I might try some with a more vibrant fabric, but that’s just my taste… I do love color.

christmas tree embroidery hoop holiday tree

And then, this happened.  Did someone say color?  My love of patchwork combined with the toned down effect in the previous creation led me to this.

patchwork embroidery hoop quilt squares pink green blue yellow bright

I really like how it came out… if it doesn’t sell, it will find a home in my kitchen.  These goodies and hopefully more variations of them will be available at Mayday Underground Craft and Art, so don’t forget to stop by on Saturday, November 5th.  So.many.talented.and.creative.vendors!  I am not kidding.  In my year back in Rochester, this has been my favorite, handmade shopping experience…I am bringing some $$ for Christmas presents!!

In the end, it was really fun to set aside my frustrations and get onto some crafting.  It was a pretty stressful day, but when I have a chance to create, it gives me a opportunity to stand back and take a breath.

And in keeping with my 90’s cliche phrasing… a huge shout out to the fellas over at PosterSource.  All my printing problems solved in 15 mins.  I left elated and wondering why I do my own printing.

2 thoughts on “Hoop, There it is…

  1. I love your work, Jess. It’s always so funky and uplifting. I’m always amazed that you can actually work through your frustration. When I get like that I just end up daydreaming about throwing my laptop through a window and get nothing accomplished.
    Also, AGREED! Those boys at PosterSource are a LIFESAVER!!! I don’t know where I would be without them! Glad you found them.

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