After a long holiday

Confession time.

I am not an overachiever.  Sometimes I wish I were, and I feel like, with a little more hutzpa, I could be.  But alas, working long hours. pushing myself to exhaustion, it’s just not me.  Even as I say this, I am rethinking it…maybe, someday, I can be — nope.  I am accepting who I am.

Yes, there are times when pushing oneself and working extra hours becomes necessary, but on the whole, I have learned that it is best for me to schedule myself enough time to keep this from happening.

I end up feeling drained and lousy.

And regretting the decision to start SLD.  Not where I want to be.

I was back to work today after a long, somewhat unplanned hiatus.

AND.IT.FELT.GREAT.  Like amazing and perfect being back to work.  I came up with some new designs to include in the first shipment of  subscriptions due out soon.

Only 12 days late, BUT finally feeling inspired and excited for 2012!

Here’s what will be happening this year, starting with the coolest thing:

  1. A new baby will be born in July!!  So far my pregnancy has been icky, just looking in the direction of the computer would make me want to run for the loo.  Thus explains my absence, and also my uncertainty for the frequency of posts moving forward.  I am hoping to get back in the groove.  But I have been so.tired, like  So I make no promises.  Don’t worry though, I would never let my lack-o-energy get in the way of perfecting your invitations, so have no fear in that department.
  2. More invitations and party goodies!  In a perfect world, I would have had a new line of wedding and party stationery and supplies all ready to be launched in time for the spring and summer soirees, but I am operating on a new schedule.  Either way, I am going to get back to my original dream for SLD and get a good portfolio of invites together and work on some party supplies packages of decorations and such.
  3. I will still be making note cards, but my focus will be on creating wedding suites and party supplies.  As a result, I will probably be cutting back on the craft shows, but we will see how it all plays out.

So these are the biggies for SLD and my life.  It is good to be back.

And I will leave you with these words of wisdom (i think intended for a child’s nursery, but it fits)

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