a sore back and knees and legs

Today, we cleaned the kitchen.  I mean, like all day, we cleaned the kitchen.

When I got home from traveling, ready to start the new year, with at least 30-50% of my normal energy level (as opposed to negative 100% energy during my first trimester), the cleaning and organizing bug that had been creeping up on me for awhile, came to roost.  I sat and made a list, a very detailed list, including each room of my house and all the necessary cleaning that must take place in each room before I can move on with my life, because with 30-50% energy, it can take awhile to get going, so list writing is a necessary step in gearing up for the real work.

So Monday was list day.  Tuesday was put away all the new toys, catch up on the laundry and try to manage the clutter that had collected during the last 3 months of inactivity.  The next thing I knew it was Thursday, and from there I realized that there was too much to do before I could actually get to the deep cleaning.  We’re talking, walls and baseboards and nook and cranny cleaning.  So I decided that, for the rest of the week, I would get everything else done, and then on the weekend, our big 3 day weekend, we would bust out the deep cleaning.

Well somehow our our 3 days of available time turned into a wide open Saturday, with some fun stuff the rest of the weekend.  Still, I was committed to the dream, thinking, we could at least get the first floor done in a day.

(and remember opening line of this post…) So today, we cleaned the kitchen.  Organized the cupboards that had started to take on a life of their own, and cleaned every greasy corner of that stinking kitchen, and before we could move on to the dining room or living room or hall or entry way, it was 4pm.  (we started at 9:30am after a hearty french toast breakfast).  I have no idea what happened.  In my defense, I wasn’t planning on the cupboard reorganizing…but still!

Things always take longer than I think.


This brings me to my point.  That ever elusive, always escaping me, dirty little word, patience.  I am pretty sure I have blogged about this before, and I will probably blog about it again, cause there is nothing like pregnancy and babies and almost 2 year olds and moms who come to live with you and moving in back to back years and a husband with the blessing of a very busy job and an old house and trying to start/run/manage a small business, to teach you patience.  (Have I mastered the art of the run on sentence yet?  Don’t worry, I’ll keep trying).

In the ever-exciting adventure that is SLD, I think, to date, there is no word that better sums up my experience than PATIENCE.  I often wish, like maybe even daily, that I was at a place were I could take out a small business loan and devote 40+ hours a week to seeing this really happen.  It’s a dream.  Get into letterpress, open a little shop/design studio somewhere…doesn’t that sound dreamy??

But here I am, stay-at-home mummy, trying to squeeze in a little creative outlet on the side and not spend a lot of money in the process.  I am proud to say that we started this venture with very little money and have managed to maintain it with what I have earned.  But it doesn’t leave a lot of money to throw around for things like a webpage and branding and stuff I would love to do.

But I will just keep making things, and leaning about how this all works, and what I really like about it, and what I want more of in my “work-life” and what I could do with out and as my husband likes to say “honing my craft.”  And believe me, when I stand back and look, I can really see how great it is that SLD is moving slowly, and how I am learning soo much and how if I have any hope in really turning this into a viable full-time business, with a respectable supplemental income for my family, then taking these years to learn everything I can is really the best thing for me, really a great opportunity!  (Not to mention the amazing opportunity/blessing/ability I have to be home with my little ones while they are young!!)

But in between these thoughts I will still dream about being free to work at my will and owning a little shop somewhere where I get to create pretty things all day.  And my impatience will grow and grow and grow.

Sorry, no pictures, I am ready to watch a movie with the Mister.

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