tiny paper hearts

Spoiler alert… If you are receiving a subscription and want to be surprised…there will be pictures in the post of a new design headed your way!

I have been waiting and waiting for a stinking craft spatula to arrive in the mail.  And it has really delayed the shipment of the 1st installment of the subscriptions, but after taking matters into my own hands and doing creative tweezing…I think we are finally on our way.  I will get all these finished tonight and in the mail tomorrow.  I feel pretty bad about the shipping delay, and I hope that the goodies will just make all my faithful subscribers forget about the wait.

I have been thinking about these cards for awhile and I love how they came out.  If you remember, a while back I mentioned that I invested in a silhouette cameo.  I have not had as much time as I would like to play with the lovely piece of equipment, that is sure to make my life much easier when it comes to producing larger orders.  Not having to hand punch or cut or roll plates through a machine will be a huge time saver.

I thought a heart would be a simple image to draw that would give me some practice using the software and I had an idea in mind, so I got to work.  I was able to design the heart in about 30 mins or so, which included me familiarizing myself with the machine and it’s software.  After replicating the image across the page, I was able to cut 70 paper hearts from one sheet of paper in a matter of minutes!  SO much faster and easier on my hand joints.  A step toward preventing arthritis!

valentines colorful paper hearts I still had to glue each of the little suckers to the card, and I found my trusty glue stick to work the best.  I started with a roller tape adhesive, but I found that even the narrowest pen I could find, still made getting to the edges difficult and left the heart looking like it was going to pop off the page.

Once all glued, I use a Paper Source alphabet set and Tsukineko Versafine ink (2 products I love) and I stamped i and u on two of the hearts and viola!

I can’t tell you specifically what cardstock colors these are, they are just what I had lying around.  Probably from those multi-packs you get at Michael’s…Recollections I think??

It came out just as I pictured.

cut hearts colorful valentine

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