If you don’t know what those 3 little letters stand for, you just might actually have been living under a rock for the last few years.  You certainly don’t spend much time on pinterest and you probably only read news or techy type blogs.  DIY is all the rage these days.  With tutorials and projects and the wonders of the internet giving us the ability to connect with it all, DIY has taken the world, or at least a portion of it, by storm.

Do-it-yourself is a great phrase that can add fun and personality to any event all the while saving you some cash…well, hopefully.

Those 3 little letters can also leave you feeling at your hair pulling out, wits end.  Frustrated, tired, overwhelmed, sore in the neck, shoulders and fingers and, often, if your a bride-to-be, in tears.

Do you have a DIYDisaster to share??  Please comment, we’d love to hear as so many of us can share your pain.

With Seven Layer Designs, it has been a hope of mine to take some of the agony out of DIY for people who find themselves in the situation of wanting the DIYTouch without having to have all the DIYStress, DIYTime, and DIYMistakes.  This idea is especially perfect for brides who  already have enough to worry about, and for those who deem themselves less-than-creative.  (though I believe that there is some sort of creator in all of us, but that’s another topic for another day)

This idea is still taking shape, but I would love to be able to offer services that range anywhere from “you give me the idea and I do the rest,” to “I do a bunch of the annoying stuff and save the fun parts for you.”  A DIY for hire.  I do your DIY.  However you say it…I like the sound of it.  Let me use my tools of the trade, let me deal with the frustration, and you still have the DIY touch.

I am currently working with a bride-to-be who has graciously agreed to be my guinea pig.   She was looking to save some moola for her big day, and was willing to do some wedding projects herself to make this happen, so we are going to see how a DIY option works out for her.  In her case, we were looking at a fairly simple design, I proposed that I do all her designing and print the text of the invitation (because, I know we are all about printing our own things these days…but this can be a real nightmare wrought with frustration and once you finally get everything all lined up where you want it, then your printer starts malfunctioning, and we have all been there, and NO bride needs to deal with that), but once I have created the proof, I will video tape myself assembling the invitation, complete with many detailed tips and instructions and then, send her all the materials she need to do the production herself.

Because each one of my invitations is handmade, the production portion can add some serious time to the project and that comes with an hourly price tag.  But, when you grab some friends, a bottle of wine (well maybe not too much wine), and have some fun, you can accomplish so much more for free!  Not to mention you are putting your own work into a piece of your wedding… the first piece that you guests will experience.  Call me sentimental.

Worry free DIY.  No scouring forums and websites for the best materials for the job.  No worrying, no wondering, no watching YouTube video after YouTube video of how to make a paper pom-pom or adhere fabric to paper…  I got it.

If you know a bride or someone planning a party who might be interested some DIYAssistance, please send them my way!  Now would be a great time to get in touch and see how we could work together for some one-of-kind results.

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