Last week was a supa-dupa.  Do you ever have those weeks?  The kinda week where you feel like super woman?  Like energy and inspiration and motivation all align in a perfect storm of productivity and positivity.

from malien00 on etsy

That was my week.  Here are some of my favorite things that occurred last week, all while keeping the house tidy at every turn,  enjoying an amazingly cooperative and helpful child:

— rearranged my kitchen counter tops for some much needed de-cluttering and new open space. I literally breath easier every time I walk into my kitchen
— tried 2 new recipes. healthy recipes that use fresh real food!  They came out great. Hoping to share them soon
— had time with new friends
— was able to spend time out in the sun
— had my first cheesy eddies experience
— worked (very productively) on 3 new invitations for new clients
— uploaded and organized pictures that I have been putting off for months

I just felt revitalized and full of life.  I think sometimes, we… or I should say, I tend to get stuck in a just-get-by-mode, and I don’t even realize how little I am really living.  and then this burst of life hits me and it’s like, what have I been doing for the last 3 weeks?  and it’s a great feeling.  I am sure it has a good deal to do with the weather, but whatever the reason, I am glad it is here and I am not taking it for granted.

it just got me thinking about how, the more you spend your self, the more you really have. int he end.  for me sometimes it can feel like the opposite is true, that I need to hold on to my  time, my energy, my comfort.  and in the end we will be more rested and alive.  I was not doing anything of great note, by any means, but I was just living the little things, taking advantage of the time that I had in front of me, and rather than reserving my resources, I was spending them, using them right up.  and in the end, I was better for it.

Now, imagine if I could take this attitude to the streets and focus on less selfish pursuits… I could really be a wonder woman

nite nite

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