where did the warm go?

Apparently, someone thought it would be a good idea to take all the warmth of spring and put it into one week. So instead of getting a gradual warm up with 50 and 60 degree days, we had one week of 80 degree temps and now we are back to 40’s.

I for one, am not a fan.

I am ready to be back outside. I appreciated that little warm up very much, and now I would like it to come back please.

I captured some photos of a walk we took a couple weeks ago after church.  On this rainy, it-might-snow-today day, I need a little reminder of those glorious days and some hope that the sun will return to Rochester.

I mean, it has to at some point, right??

These are the first flowers Saida picked for me with out being prompted by her daddy!

One of my favorite spots in Rochester

Though, I do wish the water wasn't so green, it is still a lovely place to walk.

I forgot the bread, but Saida loved feeding her goldfish to the swan.

and there she is, one of the Turning Point beauties!

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