2 of my great loves in one weekend

A while back, a getaway was planned.  Just me and the Mister.  Some much needed time to reconnect.

No problems, we are happy and in love…

It’s just that life, and work and a 2 year-old can tend to take more time than a marriage.  They are louder, bossier, and don’t easily take the back seat.

We hadn’t even realize how little we talk, like really talk, not just about the day, or the daughter, but about our dreams and thoughts and hopes and wishes. And then we spent 3 days, with each other, with nothing to pull us out of the moment.

And we said, “hey, I remember you.”

And then we said, “we have to do this more often.”  And we promised to, as much as is realistically possible with a young and growing family.

I, per usual, forgot about taking pictures (even though I am REALLY trying to get better at this).

That is, until we arrived at The Paper Place.

The Paper Place is my dream shop.  If I ever dare to own retail space myself, this is what it would be like.  Here, the paper is king.

Sure, there are gifts and cutsie things, and journals and cards, but here, the paper rules.  There is section upon section of every kind of paper imaginable.  The back of the store holds every color and size of solid stock and paper and binder upon binder for invitation inspiration… a DIYers dream.  They had adhesives I had never heard of, including something that will turn paper into a tougher, almost fabric like quality, so you can use if for a variety of purposes without risking a tear.  There was book binding supplies a-plenty, and bolts and bolts of specialty Japanese papers.  I left with handfuls of Chiyogami papers and boat loads of inspiration.

paper curtian

Like this curtian… strips of the most luxurious of papers, sewn together…YUM!

If you can’t make it to Toronto, you should take a look at their website, lots of inspiration and ideas and projects.  You can order all, well most all of their papers online.  Their catalog is efficient and easy to use.  you can search by color, or pattern, and every paper is numbered so you can easily track and re-find your faves.  And if you call them, you will be able to talk to a person, who is nuts about paper and knows just how to help you find any paper related supplies, fix any paper crisis, solve any paper problem.

There may be a border crossing separating us, but you have not seen the last of me Paper Place.  Oh no, I have been looking for a friend like you for a long time.  So glad to have met you!

One thought on “2 of my great loves in one weekend

  1. I love your pictures and I love paper. I think I might have been paper in a last life. I am so glad you found your paper friend. Do not let borders stop the two of you from being besties forever.

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