the process

It should never surprise me how the design process is so full of twists and turns.

Yet it ALWAYS does.

Sometimes I step back from my final creation and think, “wait, how did I get here?”

Once back at home with all my new papers, I have some ideas rolling in my head.

Something like this

and something kinda like this

I had a desire, a picture in my head of something with layered patchwork with the floral papers, something vintagy, and springy, and textured… but clearly, I did not hit it with this one

I mean, it is fine, but it is nothing like the picture in my mind, and doesn’t shout “YES!!”

So I walk away.  Go about my day.  Pick up Saida from my sisters.  Show them to Ben.  Unsettle.

And then I walk past my desk, “what about burlap, and that other paper that I loved! I bet it matches the linen tape…”

And Bam!

There it is…

floral chiyogami linen tape vintage floral blue yellow teal sea grea

but you can’t blame me for being surprised when

chiyogami paper floral spring designs stationery

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