a month of makeover monday’s

I have been…or was supposed to be taking these last few months to focus on getting invitation designs together.  I swore off craft shows for the year (Nothing personal, they just take most of the limited time that I have to work on SLD related projects), with the hopes of creating some new invitation designs.  After all, it was always my primary desire to design unique, affordable invitations.

Of course, the best laid plans… well, let’s just say that orders have been steady(!!!), and I have yet again, pushed the invite design, (except those attached to paying clients) to the back burner.  As I see the months of pregnancy closing in on me, and baby #2 getting ready to make an appearance, I know this is my last chance to get some designing in before I close down shop for a nice loooong maternity leave.

So… a challenge!!   To complete 4 design conversions over the next month.  I am going to take the 4 new designs I posted about here  and create a birthday invite, 2 wedding invite suites, and a baby announcements.  The next 4 Mondays I will post how each of these card designs becomes an invitation!  The rules won’t be too strict, I can mimic the layout, or the paper, just the general theme from each design.  Excited to see how this turns out!!

2 thoughts on “a month of makeover monday’s

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