they like to play at your ankles…

I don’t usually attempt to do much work while Saida is up and on the move.  I find it to be too stressful… and at this stage of the game, I am fortunate enough to have the choice.

I’ve got a few clients I am trying to finish up in the next couple of weeks and with some simple printing and cutting tasks before me {and my cousin’s little one over to play} I figured I would give it a go.

I found the place they decided to play rather hysterical, so I thought I would share it today.

Here is Saida’s room

cue chirping crickets….

and here is my work space…



Despite the look of things, they were very occupied playing together and I was able to make some progress!  Thanks little ladies!  Note – the diapers scattered about are not dirty or anything, they are small dipes for her dolls.  Also, Saida can be pretty regularly found in her diaper with no pants… she is learning the potty, and I have a limited number trips up and down the stairs each day. so if there is a morning accident, she may be pantless until nap time.  although we did make it back upstairs here, I guess i still just didn’t bother to put her pants on… o well.  don’t judge me.

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