welcome camille

I can’t believe it has been 2 months (wait–almost 3 months!?!) since I have been here.  I am having the hardest time knowing how to start back up… there is so much to say, so much that has happened.

But they say, the best way to start, is just to start… so here I am,  at a loss for words.

Well, at least a loss for which words.

Let me introduce our new darling, Camille Rose!

life with two babies

This perfect little creature has come into our world and turned it upside down.

There is a new pace to life.


We have been so blessed by glorious time with grandparents, lending us their extra hands and after 5 weeks of live-in help, I have slowly been dipping my toes back into real life.  Trying on chores and balancing demands.

Day by day things have been coming into focus.

There have been tears and tantrums and screaming and time outs  …and thankfully not too many of them have been mine.

I love my darlings immensely, wouldn’t trade my life with them for anything, but they can be demanding.  They are already working as a team, constantly scheming… attempting to throw me off my game.

Last night we went out for our 4th anniversary, and I have never.never.never appreciated the time out more in my life. seriously. never. It was bliss.

Today is the first day I have attempted to see how Seven Layer Designs will fit into this growing life. And as I sit trying to write this post, covered in spit-up, supporting a baby on one side while I unsuccessfully try to manage a two-year-old who is (successfully) trying to climb me and make her way onto the table, so she can quickly gouge it with my pen… I am still mystified.

But I will keep you updated and we’ll see how this goes. Because, now I can see what they all meant when they replied to my fears of life with 2, “I don’t know how it works, it just does.”

I haven’t taken many photos but these are by far my faves to date.

It’s good to be back!  …and to have a distressed table  …and to have an ergo

5 thoughts on “welcome camille

  1. want to see the distressed table, please 🙂
    beautiful girls, jess. good work.
    and sooo true about “not sure how life with two works. it just does.” you’re doing an awesome job!

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