Annual Report… a few months late, but a recap of year 2 and plans for year 3

It has been quiet here.  Well at least as far as the business is concerned.  I haven’t taken the time to write my 2 year post.  I was busy with something else.

She is just too much fun to look at.

This past August marked 2 years since Seven Layer Designs became a part of my life.  I can so clearly remember the moment it was born.  And since then, I have learned that starting a small business  (or rather… a micro business… a mom-work-from-home-craft-hobby-business), requires so much more than a lust for your craft.  Which, I guess I knew when I started, but I know it much more personally now.

Within months of picking a name, registering my domain and opening an etsy shop, aka, becoming an entrepreneur, it became clear, that making things was no longer my main objective, now I would become a web designer, an SEO expert, a sales and marketing rep, an accountant, a customer relations expert, a social media guru and a wizard.

Many are the plates to spin: with kids and dishes and laundry often taking the daily hours and energy.  The learning curve has been steep and I can honestly say that it has been more crazy good than just plain ol’crazy.  This is due in part to my wizardry skills.  But seriously, having someone choose to spend their money on your creation is a thrill…  an honor really, that I don’t take lightly.  I am so thankful to all who have made these last 2 years a possibility and believed in me and my work.

And now, year 3 is demanding a different stance.  It is calling for a new approach.  Seven Layer Designs is no longer staying in rapid fire… try this, now do this, and look over here, and finish up this project and figure out how to get more hits and design this invitation and get some new listings up and take some good photos.  Partially because it’s no longer all a foreign language to me, and with that comes clarity about my work and what needs to happen to get where I want to be.  And also because I like spending time with my kids.

If you are still with me… please enjoy some bullets:

Highlights of year 2

  • More custom work!!  With each new job, I am reminded how much I love working with clients to bring their ideas to life.  It is seriously my favorite part.  No kidding.
  • Getting found on Etsy.  This is a small thing I guess, but exciting none the less, and I can admit that I am small potatoes.   Most of my work has been word of mouth, but last year I had the pleasure of customizing some of my past designs for people all over the globe.
  • Subscriptions!  YAY!  I created and sent out little packages of joy each quarter… what fun!

Challenges and Plans for year 3

  • Social Media… I will master you yet!  (And by master I mean more that I won’t check things, constantly spiral into a lonely state of discontent)
  • “It is OK for my kids to play by themselves while I try to get some work done.”  Record and play on repeat.
  • Make Much Stuff.  I shall be spending most all of my Seven Layer Designs time making things.  My goal by the end of this year will be to have 10-15 new invitation designs among other new designs and crafty things.  As a result my shop might sit empty at times and the blog may go dormant… but there will be good things on the horizon!  If you are interested in custom work, feel free to contact me at any time… I am still in business, just not actively going after it.

SO that’s the annual report.  Not sure why I feel the need to do this each year, but I hope you enjoy it.  I do!
Take a look at last years lessons here and here and here.

2 thoughts on “Annual Report… a few months late, but a recap of year 2 and plans for year 3

  1. I have something to add to that list – schedule an appointment with Peacock Printing to really brainstorm how we can partner up. I think we would both be more successful and less stressed out. There are always ALWAYS things I need help with, and I know there are things YOU always need help with. You have a beautiful eye and I love your style and I think we can make magic happen if we put our minds to it. I have tons of ideas that I don’t have time to put into practice, and you are a master of things that I not only adore, but wouldn’t even know where to start doing myself. Plus I love you. SO – let’s get on that right after New Years and get 2013 started off with a bang!

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