tis the season for giving

No, no, I am not misreading my calendar…

I am talking about Spring.  The season of weddings and showers and birthdays and graduates and mothers and fathers and wait… is that it??

Here is the simplest little homemade idea that can be easily personalized for whatever occasion.

shoe stationery gift idea

Ok, so, I get that not everyone loves stationery… I don’t understand it, but I get it.  So even if we are not sending snail mail these days… these flat cards would make great thank-you’s or even little jotters on your desk.  I have really taken to the flat card style lately, less paper, less commitment, plus, I think it is fun to showcase the our handwriting.  Whether it is neat or messy, we so seldom see it these days, for me… it is a welcome sight.


As you may have guessed these were created for a shoe lover, with a stamp set that I purchased at Paper Source.  I wanted to use some nice paper, so I dipped into my fancy stash and used again Paper Source’s Luxe White Cover Stock, but anything you have will do.   I found some fun colorful envelopes to brighten up the white and they were complete.


So simple, and yet personal and meaningful too.  Call me selfish – – but it’s really nice to be able to make something for the people in our lives, without feeling like we have to dedicate hours and hours to the task.

Do you like to give handmade gifts?   What are some of your go-to ideas?

Ready to do-this-yourself??  Here are some of my go-to suppliers for paper and stamps and the rest is up to you!!  The possibilities are endless.  Enjoy!!

paper source
cards and pockets
paper and more
impress rubber stamps
hero arts

Need help figuring out which image would be best for your babysitters birthday, or how to weed through to find the best stamp and paper for your project?  Contact me, this is just the kind of thing I love to do!!

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