an easy gift for the canner in your life

Canning season is on the horizon.  If you are a canner, or you know a canner… this is exciting.  Personally, I have canned only under the tutelage of experienced canners.  This year I have a goal of canning at least one something on my own.

I recently made some simple canning labels for my mother-in-law.  These labels were inexpensive and super easy to make.  If you know someone who likes to can, here is a tip… make these for them, maybe they will reward you with some of the fruits of their canning labor.


I started by creating a very simple graphic in Photoshop.  You could probably even put something together in Word or draw and scan, depending on what you have available to you.  I just wanted a simple border with a bit of personalization and space for writing.

Once you have your image ready, head over the  This is my go-to place for custom stamps.  Great prices, excellent work, so many choices.

For this project, I chose to make a custom wood stamp with no handle.  For the size, I knew I wanted the labels to be able to fit the regular mouthed jars so I found these round labels for a steal, and I made my stamp to be 2×2 for a perfect fit.

Then I just waited.


When it all arrived, I got to work.  Really difficult stuff here… I didn’t worry too much about having them perfectly centered, cause I always like a rougher look.  It would not be very hard to get them all perfectly centered if that’s your thing… just a little extra patience.  It was easiest to remove the backing before stamping so I could clearly see the edges I was working with.


I thought I would like the white ink the best…  But it turned out that the black looked pretty cool.  They reminded me of little pennies.



Afterward, I snipped each tag off, just into squares and stacked then in a canning jar with a coordinating ribbon tied around the neck.  And viola, you are all set to make your canning friends very happy people!

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