Welcome to Seven Layer Designs!

My name is Jess and I am currently living as a stay-at-home mom.  I am channeling my love for paper, stationery and looking at pretty stuff into a business and hoping that by the time my littlest is off to school, I can do what I love all day long.

Here is some stuff about me and some of what you can expect on this blog…

enjoys: looking at pretty things, writing about experiences, making custom papercrafts, travel, antique anything, fabric, paper, detail, uniqueness.  loves: her wonderful husband and beautiful baby girl.  current adventures: trying to start a business, moving to a new city for the second time in as many years, new homeowner, new mom.  believes in: the lost art of letter writing, beauty in the mundane, friends, jesus, family.  goals: write more letters, keep up with this blog, turn my love for paper crafting into a viable business, celebrate life, be in the moments with my baby girl, give my marriage my all, love my husband all the time, decorate my home with old vintage items with out spending a lot of money, continuously learn to live on less while still enjoying the pretty things in life, be myself….

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