keeping things simple.

Saida recently celebrated her 3rd birthday.  In my opinion, 3 marks the year for the first official “friend party.”   I was excited about this milestone for her, but admittedly torn about how to proceed.  So I found myself with a choice to make, a {likely} stress producing, Pinterest and blog inspired, greatly satisfying, pat-myself-on-the-back party or just a plain ole’ party.  I do really enjoy throwing a big, well-coordinated bash but it feels a bit more daunting these days… I think it helped to be single and childless, able to sleep and recover as much as needed.

So I did it.  I went theme-less.  That’s right, no theme, no coordinating handmade party goods, just a simple play-date style lunch, some pin the tale on the donkey, balloons and dollar store decorations.

And it was lovely!  Everyone seemed to have a great time, and I wasn’t exhausted!  YAY!  Keeping it simple just may be the secret to surviving these baby years!

The invitations came out simple.simple.simple.  They were really the beginning of my non-theme theme which sort of developed as I created them.


The doodle is hand drawn with fine tip sharpies.  That’s it.  DSCN1258

Each one came out with it’s own unique swirly style.  Saida did have one request… pink.  Shocking.  Who is this ultra-feminine child?  She must get it from Ben’s side.DSCN1259


doodle pink birthday invitation

Just simple simple.   I can see some potential to glitz them up.  Maybe some glitter, or handwritten text.  Feel free to copy and update this idea, I was thinking of so many variations as I worked them, I would love to see how they can be improved!

Want help creating yours?  Contact me through the shop tab above!

Oh and with all my extra time, I was able to make her cake and frosting from scratch.  This was a first for me.  Thanks to Sweetapolita  they were totally yummy… and funfetti.

DSCN1282One thing that was planned from the start… I had to make our traditional ice cream come cupcakes…  A family birthday treat dating back to my grandmother…  Remember when you used to bring baked goods to school on your birthday before allergies and things got so crazy?  This was my go to… Every.Year.  I just loved the novelty.


Saida has already requested them for next year 🙂

let’s go fly a kite…

Current circumstances over here at The House of Gus, have *sniff, sniff* ruled out any chance of making invites for Saida’s birthday.  This is fine, because (1) we are planning  a low key family gathering, (2) Ben and I are off for a get-a-way, thanks to his awesome parents who agreed to come in town early for Saida’s day, so we could get some time away! and (3) things have been wonderfully full with Seven Layer Designs.  I love the new invites I have been working on!  …but alas, I do love the papel, so, I have to admit, I was slightly disappointed that I was not able to see my vision through for my daughters bithday.  I am hoping I will get to them at some point, just to put in the shop.

Sweet Saida has a slight Mary Poppins obsession.  She has more recently been drawn to the “let’s go fly a kite” number at the end.  Where a Mary Poppins party requires way more time and effort than this party is going to recieve, I figured, I could throw a few kite themed elements into the mix and call it a party.

I am working on finishing up a banner…(fingers crossed), and I am thrilled to see how her cake comes together.  But the other night, while looking for something online…I, as I often do, followed a rabbit trail!

Take a look at some of these lovely kite themed parties.

Yellow red blue kids party kites

Cute little touches abound in this yellow and blue party, found over at

Take a look at this festive party photographed by Jackie over at

kite party

Love this sweet and simple color scheme... and take a look at that cake!! See more lovely shots at

Ours will look nothing like these, but the house will be full ofcousins and an auntie and uncle and grandparents that Saida holds dear, and Ben and I will have just returned from 3 days of coupleness, and we will celebrate the wonder that is a 2-year-old Saida…

…and it will be just as lovely.