they like to play at your ankles…

I don’t usually attempt to do much work while Saida is up and on the move.  I find it to be too stressful… and at this stage of the game, I am fortunate enough to have the choice.

I’ve got a few clients I am trying to finish up in the next couple of weeks and with some simple printing and cutting tasks before me {and my cousin’s little one over to play} I figured I would give it a go.

I found the place they decided to play rather hysterical, so I thought I would share it today.

Here is Saida’s room

cue chirping crickets….

and here is my work space…



Despite the look of things, they were very occupied playing together and I was able to make some progress!  Thanks little ladies!  Note – the diapers scattered about are not dirty or anything, they are small dipes for her dolls.  Also, Saida can be pretty regularly found in her diaper with no pants… she is learning the potty, and I have a limited number trips up and down the stairs each day. so if there is a morning accident, she may be pantless until nap time.  although we did make it back upstairs here, I guess i still just didn’t bother to put her pants on… o well.  don’t judge me.

2 of my great loves in one weekend

A while back, a getaway was planned.  Just me and the Mister.  Some much needed time to reconnect.

No problems, we are happy and in love…

It’s just that life, and work and a 2 year-old can tend to take more time than a marriage.  They are louder, bossier, and don’t easily take the back seat.

We hadn’t even realize how little we talk, like really talk, not just about the day, or the daughter, but about our dreams and thoughts and hopes and wishes. And then we spent 3 days, with each other, with nothing to pull us out of the moment.

And we said, “hey, I remember you.”

And then we said, “we have to do this more often.”  And we promised to, as much as is realistically possible with a young and growing family.

I, per usual, forgot about taking pictures (even though I am REALLY trying to get better at this).

That is, until we arrived at The Paper Place.

The Paper Place is my dream shop.  If I ever dare to own retail space myself, this is what it would be like.  Here, the paper is king.

Sure, there are gifts and cutsie things, and journals and cards, but here, the paper rules.  There is section upon section of every kind of paper imaginable.  The back of the store holds every color and size of solid stock and paper and binder upon binder for invitation inspiration… a DIYers dream.  They had adhesives I had never heard of, including something that will turn paper into a tougher, almost fabric like quality, so you can use if for a variety of purposes without risking a tear.  There was book binding supplies a-plenty, and bolts and bolts of specialty Japanese papers.  I left with handfuls of Chiyogami papers and boat loads of inspiration.

paper curtian

Like this curtian… strips of the most luxurious of papers, sewn together…YUM!

If you can’t make it to Toronto, you should take a look at their website, lots of inspiration and ideas and projects.  You can order all, well most all of their papers online.  Their catalog is efficient and easy to use.  you can search by color, or pattern, and every paper is numbered so you can easily track and re-find your faves.  And if you call them, you will be able to talk to a person, who is nuts about paper and knows just how to help you find any paper related supplies, fix any paper crisis, solve any paper problem.

There may be a border crossing separating us, but you have not seen the last of me Paper Place.  Oh no, I have been looking for a friend like you for a long time.  So glad to have met you!

where did the warm go?

Apparently, someone thought it would be a good idea to take all the warmth of spring and put it into one week. So instead of getting a gradual warm up with 50 and 60 degree days, we had one week of 80 degree temps and now we are back to 40’s.

I for one, am not a fan.

I am ready to be back outside. I appreciated that little warm up very much, and now I would like it to come back please.

I captured some photos of a walk we took a couple weeks ago after church.  On this rainy, it-might-snow-today day, I need a little reminder of those glorious days and some hope that the sun will return to Rochester.

I mean, it has to at some point, right??

These are the first flowers Saida picked for me with out being prompted by her daddy!

One of my favorite spots in Rochester

Though, I do wish the water wasn't so green, it is still a lovely place to walk.

I forgot the bread, but Saida loved feeding her goldfish to the swan.

and there she is, one of the Turning Point beauties!


You are the joy of my life.

You fill me with love and laughter and hope and joy.

Your spirit is so full of joy.  You are full of adventure and creativity.

I just have a small request, could you please stop using your whiny voice all day long.  And if you could, maybe stop having a fit over the tinest matters and maybe give your tired pregnant mother a break.  I would REALLY appreciate it.


Last week was a supa-dupa.  Do you ever have those weeks?  The kinda week where you feel like super woman?  Like energy and inspiration and motivation all align in a perfect storm of productivity and positivity.

from malien00 on etsy

That was my week.  Here are some of my favorite things that occurred last week, all while keeping the house tidy at every turn,  enjoying an amazingly cooperative and helpful child:

— rearranged my kitchen counter tops for some much needed de-cluttering and new open space. I literally breath easier every time I walk into my kitchen
— tried 2 new recipes. healthy recipes that use fresh real food!  They came out great. Hoping to share them soon
— had time with new friends
— was able to spend time out in the sun
— had my first cheesy eddies experience
— worked (very productively) on 3 new invitations for new clients
— uploaded and organized pictures that I have been putting off for months

I just felt revitalized and full of life.  I think sometimes, we… or I should say, I tend to get stuck in a just-get-by-mode, and I don’t even realize how little I am really living.  and then this burst of life hits me and it’s like, what have I been doing for the last 3 weeks?  and it’s a great feeling.  I am sure it has a good deal to do with the weather, but whatever the reason, I am glad it is here and I am not taking it for granted.

it just got me thinking about how, the more you spend your self, the more you really have. int he end.  for me sometimes it can feel like the opposite is true, that I need to hold on to my  time, my energy, my comfort.  and in the end we will be more rested and alive.  I was not doing anything of great note, by any means, but I was just living the little things, taking advantage of the time that I had in front of me, and rather than reserving my resources, I was spending them, using them right up.  and in the end, I was better for it.

Now, imagine if I could take this attitude to the streets and focus on less selfish pursuits… I could really be a wonder woman

nite nite