fall reading list

a latte and a good read…

yes please.

There is just something about this time of year that calls for good coffee and great books.  I have been in more of a non-fiction mood these days.   5 points if you can guess what is keeping me up nights.

Currently enjoying some Ann Voskamp soon to be followed up by this.

Slowly and for the second time, this time with pen, notebook, husband and bended knees, working my way through this little gem! (thanks Christina!), soon to be followed by this.

Also, if you like latte art, please check out tonx flicker page.  lots o’ eye candy!

Happy Monday

three words ending in “ity”

design sponge via pinterest

humility… when i thought i was doing everything right, i didn’t take into account, that if things went differently, i would be doing them all wrong.

vanity… 2 months later, still sweating more than normal, still looking a bit pregnant, walking around with camille in an ergo that is causing lots of extra bulges and even more sweat, covered in crumbs and spit up stains.  BUT, no one is crying, whining or pouting and i am drinking a java’s iced latte, so… i could care less.

brevity… just heard someone refer to this stage of parenting as “the sweet phase”  and while yes, i realize that it is nice to have my kids be carryable, and not know that they can talk back to me, and still, for the most part, adore me… i think many remember this phase with rose colored glasses.  it has it’s moments… both of glorious perfection, sweet little girl laughs and kisses, but it is also rife with sleep deprivation, tantrums, poop and pee.  either way it will be over soon, so i am trying to act accordingly.

“gora-vise” and other words I want to be able to hear in my mind in 10 years

Lusting after a more organized photo collection and better catalogued memories lately.  One of the projects that I am hoping to finally cross off my list is getting photos into albums, with memories jotted down and also updating Saida’s baby book.  I am TERRIBLE at cataloging our memories.  My love for paper leads many to believe that I am a scrapbooking pro… but this is sooo not the case.  Don’t believe me??  I have had this project on my “long list” since we were married…almost 4 years ago!!!!

I can feel the time slipping away like sand in an hour glass and I know. know.know. that if I don’t get on this now, I never will.

Until I figure out how I am going to do this and cross it off my list, you will probably be hearing a lot about my moments and memories that I am wanting to capture.  Partly because it gives me an outlet to deal with this desire without having to actually pull out all the old photos and figure out what to do with them all.  But also because I can just feel the moments with Saida slipping away.  I am finding myself just wanting to spend every little minute with my cheeky, growing up girl.

Is it because she is growing so fast?

Is it because I am nesting?

Or is it because I can feel that once our new lady arrives, so much of my attention will be diverted, and six months will go by and I will not have noticed all the little nuisances of her big sister?

Ok, that last one makes me cry a little.

She is growing.  She won’t stop.  There is nothing I can do to slow it down.  I am not even sure I want to.  But I can’t help this feeling of wanting to grab at all these little moments, bundle them up in my arms lay over the top of them, so they can never escape.  Hold them in my white knuckled grip and never let them fly away.  Because I know that one day, she will look at me and roll her eyes, and she will want to walk far ahead of me so it doesn’t look like we are together and she will want to keep secrets from me.  And I never want to forget now.  When she grabs my cheeks in her hands and pulls me in for a kiss and with our faces a mere inch apart, she grins from ear to ear and asks if I will sing shunshine and gora-vise (edelweiss) and tells me by rubbing her nose to mine that she wants to give Eskimo kisses to her baby sister.  I always want to remember getting under the damepit (blanket) to watch State Fair on a gloomy rainy day, watching her become instantly memorized by a new musical and singing along to songs that has just heard, wondering if she is always going to like music and dance as much as she does now.  I always want to remember the weight of her body so safe and securely resting against mine.

How do I store away that moment yesterday when she grabbed a cake beater and potato masher on the way out the door?  I just need to be able to recall how my heart smiled so huge when, after I told her “no, we can’t take these outside,” she gently explained to me that it was raining, and we needed brellas.  As she lifted that beater up over her head and handed me the masher to do the same, I decide she has convinced me to rescind my “no,” and off we go, our kitchen utensils turned umbrellas lifted high on a sunny afternoon.  I am falling in love with her imagination as she tells all our neighbors about the rain.  All of a sudden, things are taking a new shape to her, she take a letter P off the fridge and holds it in her fist with the only the bump at the top exposed, attempting to sing “spoonful of sugar” to the best of her memory.  “oh, is that your bird” I say, and she beams with delight.

I am so thankful for this little girl.  So over the moon with her.  So amazed that my life is so blessed.  Some days I just can’t believe that I have this family, this house, this little piece of life to call my own.

So I will be thankful.  And follow Christ and look for ways to share it, empty it rather than trying to grip it and hold it all for myself.

And maybe, just maybe, with my pictures in albums or not, I will be able to remember these old moments while drinking in the new beauty that surrounds us where ever life takes us.

design fail

Maybe you have, or maybe you haven’t noticed, but I have fallen behind on my design challenge.  One of my strengths is being able to recognize my faults pretty quickly and without much drama.  And this my friends, is one of them.  Probably should NOT have given myself more to do during this season of life.

After last weekend was spent moving the little lady into her big girl bed, as well as enjoying some Mother’s Day time, I realized that I was not going to have an invite ready for Monday’s post.  And here, an entire week has vanished away from me again.  I had the best intentions of getting both designs up today, but alas…it is not in the stars.  My apologies if you have been hoping to see these designs.  The good news is, that while the blog is silent, the life is happening!  We have been sharing some wonderful moments as a family, enjoying the weather and getting ready for baby.  Pulled all the baby girls clothes out this weekend and sorted and sorted.  And with my recent anemia diagnosis (boo hoo)… I am realizing that my o.so.tired.bones are not just due to laziness (yea, I have to work on not seeing it that way), or busyness, or a lack of ability to do it all, but to an iron deficiency, throwing me off my game.

So the moral of this story?  I do hope to get these invites finished and posted, but I am not promising anything.  I am feeling sort of ready to finish up with my current clients and be done with the biz side of life for awhile.  I do rather enjoy spending my limited amount of energy doing the nesting things.  And soaking in all the moments I have with my Sweet Saida before I have the joy/obligation/challenge/duty/honor of sharing my attention with her new little sister.  Today we made these granola bars and played the morning away filling and dumping buckets of water and putting our toes in the freezing sprinkler water.  Of course, while we were out there, I thought that I should also do some weeding and sweeping of all the pesky windmills all over the patio… and my hips and low back are telling me all about the stupidity of that decision.

Here are some shots of the past few weeks of spring, a growing little girl and a growing belly.

kite day at the beach

loving sand in her hands


an evening at the park

another belly shot, i can still see my toes

painting a room for lil’ sis

working in the yard





they like to play at your ankles…

I don’t usually attempt to do much work while Saida is up and on the move.  I find it to be too stressful… and at this stage of the game, I am fortunate enough to have the choice.

I’ve got a few clients I am trying to finish up in the next couple of weeks and with some simple printing and cutting tasks before me {and my cousin’s little one over to play} I figured I would give it a go.

I found the place they decided to play rather hysterical, so I thought I would share it today.

Here is Saida’s room

cue chirping crickets….

and here is my work space…



Despite the look of things, they were very occupied playing together and I was able to make some progress!  Thanks little ladies!  Note – the diapers scattered about are not dirty or anything, they are small dipes for her dolls.  Also, Saida can be pretty regularly found in her diaper with no pants… she is learning the potty, and I have a limited number trips up and down the stairs each day. so if there is a morning accident, she may be pantless until nap time.  although we did make it back upstairs here, I guess i still just didn’t bother to put her pants on… o well.  don’t judge me.