discover paper

Just when you think you have found everything on the internet, something like discover paper comes along and blows your mind all over the place.

How have I never known you????

I am already apologizing to myself for the hours… correction, days that will be lost to perusing this beautiful collection of paper loveliness.   Note to self, install password protected blocker system asap– Wait, no, don’t do that.  Go.  Look.  Dream.  Be inspired.  Drool a little bit.  Just set a timer.

And, as if the site wasn’t enough, they have released a meticulously curated Holiday Guide full of scrumptious paper goodies for all your holiday giftees.

Before you continue, I recommend grabbing a hanky, you will drool and it will be embarrassing.

Also, pop over to discover paper for a giveaway!  That’s right folks, $400+ of paperie magica for one lucky soul.  Wait, actually, don’t bother.  I got this one in the bag (i wish i wish i wish).

paper paperie gold embossed invites

i just love antiquaria. they are responsible for leading me to discover paper in the first place. lots of diy tools for paperie loveliness.

gift giving guides for your entire list


the guide even includes DIY’s, printables and more for your creative energies this season.

You can thank me later.

makeover monday

I am in need of a nap today.  A cold has hit our house.  {boo, hiss}

But before I run off to dream land, I had to post the first result from my challenge.

I started with my favorite card first, mostly because I had a vision for it already.

And surprisingly, the vision I had change a bit before making it’s way to paper.

So here is how it came together.  I am pretty happy with the results. There are a few necessary changes before this would be ready for the masses… but I think it would make a lovely wedding suite.  It remindes me of a different take on the paper lantern or pom pom decoration look that we all love for any type of fiesta!

I love how customizable it is, by changing the colors, or patterned paper, the invitation could take on a whole new look!  And I can’t help but think of how great these would look with envelope liners in the same matching patterned paper!

Ok, time for me to get some rest before the little miss is ready to play again!  –happy monday!


calligraphy, letterpress and ombre

I couldn’t resist reposting these invitations.

from oh so beautiful paper

Aren’t they gorgeous?

oh so beautiful paper

oh so beautiful paper

The bride and groom added the ombre coloring to these invitations using watercolor paints!  They are just perfect if you ask me!

See full post, more photos and all the glorious details that went into creating this wonderful suite over at Oh So Beautiful Paper.



let’s go fly a kite…

Current circumstances over here at The House of Gus, have *sniff, sniff* ruled out any chance of making invites for Saida’s birthday.  This is fine, because (1) we are planning  a low key family gathering, (2) Ben and I are off for a get-a-way, thanks to his awesome parents who agreed to come in town early for Saida’s day, so we could get some time away! and (3) things have been wonderfully full with Seven Layer Designs.  I love the new invites I have been working on!  …but alas, I do love the papel, so, I have to admit, I was slightly disappointed that I was not able to see my vision through for my daughters bithday.  I am hoping I will get to them at some point, just to put in the shop.

Sweet Saida has a slight Mary Poppins obsession.  She has more recently been drawn to the “let’s go fly a kite” number at the end.  Where a Mary Poppins party requires way more time and effort than this party is going to recieve, I figured, I could throw a few kite themed elements into the mix and call it a party.

I am working on finishing up a banner…(fingers crossed), and I am thrilled to see how her cake comes together.  But the other night, while looking for something online…I, as I often do, followed a rabbit trail!

Take a look at some of these lovely kite themed parties.

Yellow red blue kids party kites

Cute little touches abound in this yellow and blue party, found over at

Take a look at this festive party photographed by Jackie over at

kite party

Love this sweet and simple color scheme... and take a look at that cake!! See more lovely shots at

Ours will look nothing like these, but the house will be full ofcousins and an auntie and uncle and grandparents that Saida holds dear, and Ben and I will have just returned from 3 days of coupleness, and we will celebrate the wonder that is a 2-year-old Saida…

…and it will be just as lovely.