thinking of faraway friends

thinking of old roommates and careless times

remembering that they didn’t feel so careless then

thinking of the rarity of real, true friendship

the richness of true community, how we were so blessed to share it.

thinking of times to come.

how different things are

thinking how I miss they way they were

thinking that I love the way she says “this is my family” and recites each of our names.

knowing it is different now.

hoping she has a “stand-in family” when she is in her searching years

praying that they will be as nurturing, encouraging, admonishing and lovely as mine.

i am thinking of you today.




spring greetings

I am not sure why it has taken me 2 weeks to get these pictures taken and edited… but I am happy to share these 4 new spring/summer greeting card designs that I created for the spring subscription shipment.  Watch for them in the Esty store!